Monday, July 7, 2008

Stampede HyJinx - Sneak a Peek!

Day 0 of Stampede! Sneek a peek night was crazy!! Yet, it was quiet. The gates opened at 5, but the show started at 3... so, it was kinda quiet in the Roundup centre! Leave it up to Faber Drive to lighten the mood.

I was walking into the stampede at about 230 to get ready for the program, and there was a soundcheck on the Coca Cola stage. I hear.. test 1 2, test 1 2 Russ Giroux. Well, Russ is a friend who is the road manager for Default and Theory of a Deadman.. so I walk over to say hey. We chat, it's Faber Drive's sound check so we invited them back to our Broadcast Booth.

If you didn't hear our chat on the air, there are pics on my facebook page

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