Friday, March 28, 2008


So many of you ask what the songs are on the weekend warmup, here's the list for MAR28.

The good news is you will be able to listen to past weekend warmups very soon when I launch my new zack site.

here is this weeks Weekend Warmup


Groove is in the Heart

Flawed Design

David Guetta
Love is Gone

Dead or Alive
Spin Me Around

Christina Aguilera
Ain't No Other Man

Bon Jovi
Living on a Prayer

Nelly Furtado
Promiscuous Girl

4 Minutes

Britney Spears
Slave 4 You

Steal My Sunshine

Jazzy/Fresh Prince

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finger 11 is the nicest band ever...

Is it possible? I've met nice people... you can see some studio pics on facebook...

But it seems EVERYONE is awesome lately. I don't know if bands are taking a "be nice to DJ's" class or what, but Faber Drive is so grateful, Jully Black is so attentive, Roz Bell is just happy, and the list goes on. Now, this isn't name dropping at all, I'm serious. How are these people so nice? Last time I saw Nickelback, Chad asked me "ZMAN! Why don't you call me anymore?". The reason is he changes his phone # so often (it make it on the internet, and he starts to get calls from fans) so I gave up keeping track, btw...

Complacent disconnected include Gene Simmons, for example. He could care less. Maybe it's a Canadian thing? Joss Stone was awesome, she's not from Canada...

Finger 11 really is the nicest though. Over the years, in radio, you tend to interview bands again and again... and Finger 11 really is grateful and nice... the nicest ever. ALL OF THEM... I think it's a trend in music that I dig. People actually being people, not trying to be rock stars!

Anyway, listen to the Sound Lounge (Energy 101.5 weekdays @ 7p)for your chance to hangout with Finger 11 , and listen to my show on Energy 101.5 (Weekdays 3p-7p) to win a chance to meet them. I think you should... see it for yourself.. nice doods.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take 6 of these and call me in the morning

You're getting old. That is what the doctor said!

I have a bad neck. It's probably no different than your bad back, or that other guy's bum leg. But please indulge my need for sleep.

I can't sleep... my neck is f'd up further than I've ever known, and the doctor said that I'm getting old. I realize doctors are over worked... but geez I COULD BE A DOCTOR! I have terrible penmanship, and I can say "you're getting old"! Sign my cheque.

Robax platinum is my solution for now. It seems "old" of me to ask where to go to get prescribed a good pillow. Here's the fun part though.. I'm messed up... dizzy, seeing Pterodactyls flying around the studio... so at least that is fun. Today's show could possibly be the best one ever, or the worst one I try to remember. Cross your fingers! Gotta go, a talking Bumble Bee just stole my pen.

Monday, March 24, 2008

You're a Block-Head

Garbage... mucha basura! So I asked my friend Carlos how to say garbage in Mexican, turns out it's Basura.

Language lesson of the day is complete. But sersiously! Garbage! Everywhere! There is a proposal to get the fines in Alberta raised. In BC, it can cost you up to $2000 for a littering ticket! Here's what I would like to do though. In an effort to not complain about it, I'd like to thank everyone who actually PICKS UP the garbage on their fence, their yard... on their streets. That's excellent. Perhaps you can talk your neighbors into caring as much you do. It's bad enought that it's brown 9 months/year in Calgary... let alone a brown/covered in garbage blend.

Construction companies... this means you too!