Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take 6 of these and call me in the morning

You're getting old. That is what the doctor said!

I have a bad neck. It's probably no different than your bad back, or that other guy's bum leg. But please indulge my need for sleep.

I can't sleep... my neck is f'd up further than I've ever known, and the doctor said that I'm getting old. I realize doctors are over worked... but geez I COULD BE A DOCTOR! I have terrible penmanship, and I can say "you're getting old"! Sign my cheque.

Robax platinum is my solution for now. It seems "old" of me to ask where to go to get prescribed a good pillow. Here's the fun part though.. I'm messed up... dizzy, seeing Pterodactyls flying around the studio... so at least that is fun. Today's show could possibly be the best one ever, or the worst one I try to remember. Cross your fingers! Gotta go, a talking Bumble Bee just stole my pen.

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Melissa said...

Was the bumble bee, Barry B. Benson from the Bee Movie. I have floaters in my left eye right now....they arrived about a month ago. There's nothing you can do to get rid of them, except surgery when you get more of them. They're like these two little black dots, but connected by a thin black strand(kind of like when you look into the sun too long and then you see those spots when you blink your eyes and move them). But wherever I look there they are, and they keep moving.

Can you say that those are annoying?

Oh, my parents have these pillows that are contoured and made of a hard foam. I forget what brand they are, but we might have gotten them from my chiropractor's office, or they suggested where to buy them. But my parents adore them. Considering we go to a chiropractor, massage, and accupunturist from their office weekly for our bad necks, shoulders, and backs....they better be good.

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