Thursday, November 26, 2009

2 Great Calgary Wine Websites!

Our favorite wine stores!

Go to CORK! So cool.. and don't buy "just wine with animals on the label"... bad idea

Google Maps Streetview - Another Great pic!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thank You from Stampeders Kicker Sandro De'Angelis

Courtesy of (home of wicked Calgary blogs!)

I didn’t sleep much Sunday night; in fact, I starting writing this blog in the wee hours of the morning, a lot earlier than normal.
I have so many things running through my head, so many questions that I wish I had answers to. This season was not supposed to turn out this way, not with this team, not with this talent. I honestly thought we would win back-to-back championships.
I couldn’t wait to see the way this city would respond to having its team playing for the Grey Cup at home. I used to day dream about seeing McMahon packed with 45,000 dressed in red, the noise, the excitement, the drama. Opportunities like this do not come around very often. We are privileged to be in the position we are in as pro athletes and quite frankly, we didn’t get it done. There are no more “re-dos” or “get ’em next week”; we’ll never know just how special it could have been.
The 2009 football season was very difficult. We worked extremely hard, and I feel like we did the little things that it takes to win. I thought we battled through a lot of adversity and showed flashes of dominance. Many different guys played through injuries, gritting their teeth to do what was best for the team. We just couldn’t find the consistent groove we needed to get the job done in the end. Like I stated earlier, I wish I had the answers because this wasn’t the way it was supposed to end!
I want to dedicate the rest of this blog to our FANS and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. There are so many things you could spend your hard-earned money on, yet you choose to support us. That support means the world to us players and I want you all to know that. A loss like this is not only hurtful to us players for personal reasons, but it also hurts because we disappointed you. So once again I say Thank You and hopefully 2010 will bring better results!



Adam Lambert AMA's Performance

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Give the Gift of Safety

From my pal Meg Tucker - Here is a pic of the tree that we decorated yesterday for next week’s Give The Gift of Safety. We went with a “DIVA” tree – complete with lipstick, stilettos and giant diamond ring ornaments!

It will also have Energy coupons attached - concert tickets, movie passes etc. We hope it raises TONS of money for the YWCA!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Open Your Purse - Featured Purses!

Here are the featured purses from open your Purse on NOV 20! Prebuy tickets at

1) A purse donated and autographed by Canadian singer/ songwriter Jann Arden. It will be complimented with a pair of tickets to her show at the Jack Singer on November 24th.

2) A Coach purse donated and autographed by our Canada's Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune Rae! We will also include a one hour one on one session with Kjarlune.

3) A Fergie for Kipling purse autographed by Black Eyed Peas leading lady... Fergie!

4) A purse donated and autographed by Canadian actress and the girlfriend of Calgary Flame Dion Phaneuf...Elisha Cuthbert!

5) A purse donated and autographed by Tanya Angeltvedt -girlfriend of Calgary Flame Curtis Glencross!

6) A purse donated and autographed by Canadian pop singer Elise Estrada along with a Z33 Fuji Film Digital Camera!

7) A purse donated and autographed by Shannon Tweed star of A&E's Family Jewels!

8) A purse donated and autographed by CTV's Barb Higgins along with a Murale Facial Package!

9) A LAMB purse donated by Passione in Cross Iron Mills valued at over $500!

10) A purse donated and autographed by ETALK's Lainey Liu along with 4 tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tour on December 2nd of the Pengrowth Saddledome!

11) A Coach purse autographed by American Idol sensation Kelly Clarkson as well as a Charton Hobbs gift basket premium wines gift basket!

12) A donated and autographed by Peggy Hufnagel wife of Calgary Stampeder coach John Hufnagel along with a pair of Grey Cup tickets!

Le Sigh... here you go ladies... Robert Pattinson

Thank you Allie for this. You have made my day. This is my best blog post ever. Meg told me to write that.

Best Oops Ever!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jon Gosslin - the BEST ever!

Zack and Meg's Celeb Death Pool

As of DEC 30 2009
If someone dies, the rest of us will make a donation to the charity of choice of the player with the dead person. Post your comments and we will include them. If you do, and in fact win we will make the donation to YOUR charity. If you lose, in good honor, please make a donation. Donation value $20.

(FYI - We truly don't wish anyone to die... at least almost anyone)

Owen Wilson
Corey Haim
Joaquin Phoenix
Amy Winehouse
Ben Mulroney

Lindsay Lohan
Someone from NSYNC
McCauly Caulkin
Jon Gosselin


Oh no...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GAGA is awesome

Is is weird to think Lady Gaga and Jelly Beans rock? I mean... I'd guess that Gaga loves jellybeans too?

Zack and Meg's Celeb Stinker List!

Celebs that we bet stink. Not their acting stinks (although that MAY apply).

Fan Sites say...
#1. Brad Pitt
#2. Russell Crowe
#3. Hayden Christensen
#4. David Bowie
#5. Courtney Cox
#6. Robin Williams
#7. Christina Aguillera
#8. Cameron Diaz
#9. Metallica
#10. Bob Dylan

Zack and Meg with Heath say: (we will add more as they come up)
Samantha Ronson
Amy Winehouse
Kid Rock
David Caruso
Matthew McConaughey
Robert Pattinson
Megan Fox

Slackin' off amazing vid!

Slackin' off with Rob Pattinson

here is the wallpaper of Meg's Hubby Robert for you to share. click on it for a larger view, then "save picture as"

Funny Vid cuz we're slackin' off today

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eat this NOT That!


1. Which is better? 2 egg mcmuffins or 1 bagel with cream cheese?

The Egg McMuffins! 580 cals 24 g fat
Bagel with Cream Cheese - 643 cals 28 g fat

2. Which is better? One piece of bacon or 2 sausage links?

BACON 42 calories/ 3 g fat
SAUSAGE 82 calories/ 7 g fat

3. Which is better? A Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll or a BIG MAC?

A BIG MAC has 576 cals, 32 g fat while the Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll has 813 calories, 32 g of fat and 850 mg of sodium

4. Which is better for Breakfast? Steak and eggs or Pancakes and sausage?

8 oz Steak, 2 eggs, 1 piece toast (736 cals, 27 g fat, 88 g protein) while 1 stack pancakes, 1 pat of butter and syrup, 3 sausage links
(1076 cals, 40 g of fat, 24 g of protein)

FINALLY - DID YOU KNOW – one order of Chicken Tenders and Fries from CHILI’S is the SAME as 4 FULLY LOADED BANANA SPLITS from Dairy Queen?!?!



Who needs english!!?

Who needs french!!?

Actifry Recipe

Friday, November 6, 2009

Avoid the floo

12 new diiiiirrrty places to aware of to avoid flu germies.

1. Your kitchen sink
2. Airplane bathrooms
3. A load of wet laundry
4. Public drinking fountains
5. Shopping cart handles
6. ATM buttons
7. Your handbag
8. Playgrounds
9. Mats and machines at health clubs
10. Your bathtub
11. Your office phone
12 The hotel-room remote control


Buy tickets to the Grey Cup Family Viewing Party at the Saddledome and watch the Grey Cup with 10,000 + others and be WARM! Thanks to Greg for popping with the Grey Cup today!

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