Monday, September 22, 2008

Your happy place

My Bride really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. But where did my happy place go? I had lost it. I think it was the periodic careless days of watching "whatever" on the TV... or going out for dinner with friends. Now that family life really does dictate My Bride's and my EVERY move... the happy place has vanished. I think I found it though.

We bought a hot tub, and last night, Cheryl and I sat and bubbled away while it rained (really heavy rain too!!) I think we found the place again.

You see, the place doesn't have to be anything at all. It can be Yoga.. driving.. a walk with your pooch. But, it really needs to be there. 5 minutes of ME.

How's your belly? Ok.. that sounds absolutely disconnected from the Me place, doesn't it? But it's not. Stress is a huge part of our lives, but do you manage it? Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? My #1 is my family... that's stressful, then my radio station and show. Then there is my business, websites, DJing, and other stuff. So stress is real for me, as it probably is for you too.

In my quest for Abs by Maui, Rod from Spiritfitness and I talked about stress, and it's direct correlation with your mid section. We've begun the 100 day challenge, to train from a distance with Rod and look fit for Maui. It is about life changes, more than anything. You need to make time to work out, you need to ACTUALLY show up to work out. You need to drop the fast food from your diet, and eat RIGHT... and at the RIGHT TIME. But just as much as all that, you need your ME time. Drop the stress, and the workouts will move so much better. Maybe your workout can be your ME time... there, 2 bird solution. You've wanted to "clean things up", make small changes each day. Each decision you make gets you a step closer to a better balanced life. Including stress management. And Rod has helped me get there. Except for the changes he's requested to his website, Which I haven't done yet Rod.. sorry. I was in my hot tub. :) Hey, you told me to do it!

FYI - Rod, I hate lunges. You and I are fighting now. :) At least until I can walk up a flight of stairs again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Leftovers are killing me...

Abs by Maui is not easy! I though for sure all I need to do was stop eating fast food, and watch a few Billy Blanks (??) infomercials and I'd get skinny!

Rod from Spirit Fitness has been helping every facet of changing my body... and I have conceded breakfast to him. My breakfast is now yogurt with hemp hearts, nuts and berries. But, I can't waste money.

I'm a Dad, I work through Dinner 5 days a week. My Bride is at home with the kids and makes the evening grub. So, I can only imagine, how at the end of a long day with the kids that baking chicken breasts and a high maintenance dinner is just not in the cards. Now, we eat well most days... but, sometimes it needs to be larger dinners that have leftovers. IE - roast beef, lasagna, meatloaf, etc...

I can't NOT eat leftovers and spend MORE money. We are a family on a budget. So, how can I still manage to eat leftovers and have a "LIFE" but still get fit.

Well, Rod has shared that if we cannot always make the perfect dinner decisions, that timing is important and sometimes that will ease the pain for a "not as perfect" meal. Today we had PIZZA @ Energy for a staff meeting. I'm not going to walk away from free lunch, to go spend $15 somewhere else. That's crazy talk.

Rule 1 of Abs by Maui - Life Happens, deal with it.
Rule 2 of Abs by Maui - Stress and Life Management are as important as the diet.
Rule 3 of Abs by Maui - Rod's workouts are WAY harder than mine are! OUCH!

Feel free to ask your questions of Rod through our journey, because I know I'm not alone in trying to manage life, a job, a family and more while trying to regain control of my ever expanding mid-section.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Chad Horn - RIP

Sometimes you meet people you don't remember, and sometimes you don't remember people. Chad was a guy I met a couple times, but I remembered him. I didn't know him though, and details I quote here may be slightly off, but I'm trying to remember.

But I do remember him, somehow.

Here's what I recall. I was DJing at Outlaws in Calgary, and a guy named Chad came to work as a busboy. I didn't think anything of it, until he quit. I mean, he was a nice guy, but I've met a lot of bar staff that worked for 2 weeks then quit. It was about 2 weeks before he quit. As far as I knew he was friends with Candace, a friendly regular who I still get to see once in while.

Why do I remember this guy?

Chad quit because he signed up for the military. I remember, I thought he was crazy... but he was so excited. SO EXCITED. And, he was gone from the club. Then, some time later I recall him coming back with some army buddies to fire it up and celebrate completing their training. His hair was gone... but he was so happy. Then he was gone again. But for some reason, I remembered Chad even though I didn't know him. Each time there was a report of someone getting hurt in Afghanistan, I would wonder if it was "that crazy busboy... wonder what he's up to? Did he ever go there?", and then life went on.

Maybe I remember his enthusiasm?

Well, it happened last week... with 2 Calgary Soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Candace sent me a message and told me it was Chad. I even had to ask her, "was it that crazy busboy guy?"

Strange, but I remembered him.

YES. The answer was yes, Chad was killed.

My heart sank. For some strange reason, our random meeting stuck with me. Chad, I honestly didn't know your last name, but I remembered you. And I certainly will now. Thank you Chad for what you've done. That busboy is a bigger man that I will ever be. Thank you Chad for making me remember you. And for Chad's colleagues still fighting the fight, thank you.

I hope in your life, you can meet some random person that you don't even know, but sticks with you. I'm going to stop asking WHY now, and just accept it.

Maybe I remember him for the story. The story that I may tell my kids one day, about "CHAD the busboy" who eagerly chased bad guys half a world away so they could have their freedom. Maybe that has to be the only reason why.

I doesn't matter if I've remembered the details of our paths crossing. That's what I've learned. It's remembering why Chad has stuck with me. His enthusiam for being selfless.

"If you love your freedom, thank a soldier"

This presentation was put together by Candace for the funeral this week. I recommend you watch it, and realize how real life this is. And, I watched it too and remembered more of Chad.

Coming on Monday

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Is it possible for a Baker to go on a diet? I mean, it could be professional suicide.

Anyway, here's my effort to be transparent through that, as I'm not alone in trying to get fit... eat a little better and be a parent that is employed. That's where the hangup is. LIFE HAPPENS. And my friend Rod from Spirit Fitness and I are trying to come to a common ground. Rod gives me the idea scenario and plan, and I get as close as possible to it.

In my case, it's more about being committed (definite should be committed! Look out Ponoka!) and dedicated. And Rod is understanding that LIFE HAPPENS. The fact that I try to run a small business each day makes this tough enough.

OK, this isn't me complaining... just trying to relate to you. My schedule is different that yours, your job might start at different times of the day and your kids might be older and you're running to hockey and ball at night time. Regardless, we're busy. That is what I mean.

I challenge you to write down everything you eat in a day. It will shock you and make you aware how crappy our food can get. It's about making smarter decisions. And my weight is up... nuts.

Today - 200lbs on the nose.
Workout - Dug a hole for my new hot tub (comes Thursday!) About 3 hours of heavy lifting and breathing
Food (I'm trying to spread out my meals right now)
2 slices Multi grain toast with Peanut Butter. Coffee with milk @ 9a
turkey/spinach sandwich on multi grain @ 1p
1/2 liter of water
1 small slice of Freeway's Birthday Cake @ 3p
turkey/spinach sandwich on multi grain @ 4p
1/2 litre of water
Prime Rib with mashed potatoes @ 6p
And, I will have a glass of red wine watching Big Brother tonight.

Rod will post his thoughts and corrections to the day soon. Add your own comment/question for Rod too if you like!