Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heli Day!

Today we had an aerial photo shoot for my company Executive Media Inc for a development project of ours... and we decided to go to Drumheller! You need to understand that Mountain View Helicopters is one of my clients, so we are able to do business together, and they fly Heli-Tours over Horseshoe Canyon at Drumheller. So, Paul (the boss-man) suggested after we finished our intended flight over Carstairs, that we head East to Drumheller. And we went. Kudo's to my business 'pardner Scott for flying all the way to Drum with NO DOOR on his side of the heli.

If you've never gone on a heli ride, DO IT! It's a short drive to Drum for the Heli Tours, but Mountain View Helicopters is doing tours WEST OF CALGARY too, near the intersection of HWY 1 and HWY 22 (by the Petro Canada station). It's excellent!

Summer holiday TIP! - GO take a heli flight.


Here are a few pics from our journey, I'll post more on my facebook when we get them dumped from Scott's camera.


So, there it is. I get asked at the station quite often what "else" do I do... you know, other that slack-off at a radio station? So that is my day... so far! By the way, we also flew over Calgary and took pics, including the Cirque de Soleil Tent that is up in the SW! Those are on the facebook link.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Daddy Got a Pedicure

So, my Dad got a Pedicure. There, I said it! My Dad got a Pedicure. Big Jim... Papa.. and his feet. I think I'm only bothered because it makes me realize that I've never had one! Not that there is anything WRONG with that?! Are they really that great? I think I'm jealous.

Sure enough, there is a story from my friend Jocelyn Laidlaw on CTV Calgary tonight about a spa that lets fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Thanks Joc for sharing your story! Here's how it goes.



OK - time for ZeeMAN to get a Pedicure, anyone have any suggestions of where I should go? Well Dad, you always wanted me to follow in your footsteps and make you proud. Here it is, your dream come true... only it's not your footsteps. It's your bubbly foot bath.

Monday, July 21, 2008


It's 29 degrees today, and Carlos was driving me to the Zoo (I lost my wallet and was freaking out, so we went to check my car) and CARLOS WAS COMPLAINING that it was too hot! Carlos? My Mexican friend, what has happened to you? Wuss. Irony: Carlos thinks it's too hot, and I'm wearing a hoodie.

Keep them Katy Perry Entries Rolling In! Not Sure Why I'm Capitalizing Every Word?!!!

here's the link to the facebook photo gallery


Please make friends on Facebook, they're the only friends I have!

The End.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


OK you free-stuff junkies! Katy Perry is playing the Van's Warped Tour AUG 6 and I have tickets to give to you for the show!

Starting on Monday, I'll draw from entries to win tickets! How do you enter you ask? You need to EMAIL ZACK@ENERGY1015.com a picture of you kissing a girl. You need to email me your pic, they'll go up on Facebook and we'll draw each day from the best kisses.


Ok, go smooch someone and start snappin' picks! I have 10 PAIRS of tickets!


Stop reading and start kissin'. The blog is over! Oh ya, I ask that you be of "legal" (18+!!) age, so I don't end up on the front page of the newspaper getting arrested.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stampede is Wrong

Can you believe I ran across this picture on Shalini's (from Energy 101.5 Promotions)Facebook!? I didn't even come with a disclaimer! I'm sure it was cold...

Wish I had more than one AB.

Monday, July 14, 2008

How Clean is your food?

Did you know the Calgary Health Region publishes the results from Food Inspections online? YIKES!

Thanks to Piet! She shared this with me


You have to search your favorite restaurants.. but YOWZA! There are some DIRTY restaurants and grocery stores in our city!!

Stampede HyJinx - Day 8 and 9

The final weekend! Gotta be honest... I've showed A LOT of people the picks of me and Natasha Bedingfield. She's my new BFF! Saturday was DJ day... and a little snapshot of my day (after a late Friday with Stampede and the Energy 101.5 Natasha Bedingfield... I managed to get a little sleep Saturday Morning! Got up around 10, had some family time then off for a Voice Over session for the TV show I voice - The RIDEGUIDE. This was a 15 second TV commercial for Dose.ca Kokanee Crankworx in Whistler in a few weeks.

Then, it was off to Tequila for what was a CRAZY Saturday! I started DJing at 4 and ran non-stop until 215a! I even ordered pizza to be delivered to the DJ booth! LOL!

LOOK how crammed it was!!

And the Line-Up to get in started at about 9 PM and was as long as the block. It's tough to tell in the pic (from the iPhone, so it isn't great) but you can kinda see what I mean.

Sunday, I slept. Then we ate over a Rich and Lisa's place for dinner. A "Good English Lunch". Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and gravy over EVERYTHING! Including the veggies... OH, so awesome! I recommend you get your own friends from England! Just don't steal mine...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stampede HyJinx Day.. what day is it? - Friday!!!

Today is my last day on the air in the Round Up Centre... I'm gonna miss the smell of candy apples, nuts, chocolate dipped cheesecake and mini donuts (except for on seniors day when is smelled like BenGay and GoldBond Medicated Powder). Tonight Energy 101.5 presents Natasha Bedingfield on the CocaCola stage around 8ish... should be fantastic! Natasha came and spent the better part of an hour on the show today, and she really is great. In the pic is Marta from the Energy Entourage, Natasha, Moi, and Ian MacKinnon from the freeway and meg morning show!

Also, Miss Canada International Alicia Fieldberg stopped in today!

Saturday Night is Tequila DJ Night! See you there!

Stampede HyJinx day 6 Thursday

Rainy wet and cold... blech! It was 7 Degrees at Stampede today with Burrito Size Hail! (Thanks Carlos) Um... it was warmer in JANUARY! Geez.

Today, completely excited about Natasha Bedingfield at the Energy Booth tomorrow @ 5. Should be fantastic! Jully Black will also be chatting with Erin Wilde earlier in the day too, so listen for that after 3p.

Here are some pics from the CRAZY FOAM PARTY @ Tequila. It was jammed and lined up down the block! Sorry the pics aren't so good on my iPhone, it has no flash...

I'm back at Tequila on Sat night at 5p for the night! Pub Crawls will fill the place early! So don't miss your chance to get in!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stampede HyJinx Day 6 - Wednesday

Today is Kids Day! If I may quote my school friend Jackie in saying "if spending kids day at Stampede isn't birth control, I don't know what is!" So true.

This blog is about my family. My peanut is awesome, and it's funny that he loves big slides, but got upset on a car going in circles. Kids are weird... and as soon as you figure you've got them figured out, you're wrong! Sheesh. Sweet Pea sat in the stroller all day. I think she was just happy staying away from all those scary strangers!! And my bride is the best Mom ever. If it wasn't for her, I'd be in jail for throttling my kids :) Here is my narration of the day "Can I have the catepillar, I want a duck, I need to pee, can I go again?, I'm hungry, Daddy why do you drink so much, can we go home, I don't want to go home, I'm not hungry, I want mommy, I don't like ducks, Catepillars scare me..." ugh.

Here's Us on the Ferris Wheel scrambling for a pic!

Tonight on Coca Cola stage is Puddle of Mudd (good music, not so good live from what I've seen in the past). On Stage Thursday at the Coca Cola stage is BCDC (they're fun!) and Mercury (who?) so I'll be going home :)

Thursday Night I DJ the foam party @ Tequila! I'll try to take some pics and post on Friday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stampede HyJinx Day 5 Tuesday

Today is Finger day! Whoo! Finger 11 is an incredible group of people. The first time I met Scott and the gang was back when I was on a local rock station and they were touring with OZZY OSBOURNE. Aside from the fact that OZZY tripped and almost fell about 4 feet away from me in the bowels of the Saddledome that night (OZZY reads his lyrics from a TV monitor while onstage, BTW - who knew? that OZZY could read, I mean) I'm not sure why I wrote that little tangent in brackets... probably bad grammar on my part.

Where was I.. ah, first time meeting F11. Scott and Rich welcomed me into their dressing room and I've enjoyed seeing them every time since. Probably the group that I've interview the most over the years, it's always fun. At the Energy 101.5 booth at the Stampede, the gang stopped in and Rich came in on the radio show while Scott when shopping. Apparently, when you live life on a bus, it's very exciting to shop for stuff in a big hall.

Rich shared a couple of tips about Scott. When they're not on tour, they're just like you. They don't spend much time with their coworkers (band mates), but being family members they try to have family dinners on Sundays. Sounds like normalcy to me. Oh ya, and Rich fessed up that Scott's guilty pleasure song right now is Rhianna - Umbrella. Finger Eleven... even... even... even... LOL!

Here is the pic of the bunch of you that I took from the Coca Cola Stage at the Finger Eleven concert at Stampede! You Look good Calgary. Next time, lets hope some people show up for the concert! LOL!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stampede HyJinx - Day 4 Monday

Holy Thunderstorms batman! This makes the Energy Booth in the Roundup Center uber-busy (only because it's not WET!) Big storms today.

Anyway, we're giving away a $1015 Shopping spree today, taht's fun! And I actually had a chance to walk around the Stampede today... I know what you're thinking, tough gig... working at the Stampede Grounds, must be nice! Ok, it is. But, it's been tough to actually get around and see what's going on down here.

You know how every year, we say "I wish the Stampede would get new rides... it's been the same forever..."... we're all guilty of saying it at least once. This year, they've moved where stuff is...and it was tough to find my favorite rides! Why can't they just leave well enough alone? LOL!!

I did find a fun new (new to me at least!) ride that I'd like to take a turn on on Wednesday when I come down with the Fam-Damily!

Lifehouse is on Coca Cola Stage tonight... I missed soundcheck! NUTS! Oh ya, Samantha Ronson is @ Tequila tonight, and her girlfriend Lindsay Lohan was on the rider for a plane ticket, no word if she'll show yet.

Stampede HyJinx - Day 3 Sunday.

Hedley at Stampede Tonight. Zack @ his bed.


Stampede HyJinx - Day 2 Saturday

Today was quite possibly the longest day of my life. It started at 530a waking up and heading to Chinook Centre for the Stampede Breakfast! Jaydee Bixby was there too, that was fun. Nice guy!

At 11a Freeway, Meg, Ian, Erin and Myself headed to the Cactus Club for some grub! Great grub, by the way!

12noon it's DJ time at Tequila for the Stampede Club Crawl! Started spinning at noon, and ran until close... (thanks Ryan J for helping a tired brother out!). Tequila was crazy Saturday Night... if you know the area, the lineups to get in ran down the block to the Vet Clinic!

Stampede HyJinx - Day 1

First Full day of Stampede Celebrations... and I figure the BEST thing they could give away down here are Mirrors. Forget RV's and homes and cash... give away mirrors. Then people can see what they look like BEFORE they come down here. Just because you HAVEN'T worn it SINCE last Stampede... doesn't mean you NEED to wear it this year!

Oh ya, and have a shower... you have bed head. People watching is fun.

On another note, Erin Wilde had a great end to her Friday at Stampede! She bought her lucky lotto tickets and won a turn in the Free Money Booth! She won $85! Pics are on my facebook page.


Stampede HyJinx - Sneak a Peek!

Day 0 of Stampede! Sneek a peek night was crazy!! Yet, it was quiet. The gates opened at 5, but the show started at 3... so, it was kinda quiet in the Roundup centre! Leave it up to Faber Drive to lighten the mood.

I was walking into the stampede at about 230 to get ready for the program, and there was a soundcheck on the Coca Cola stage. I hear.. test 1 2, test 1 2 Russ Giroux. Well, Russ is a friend who is the road manager for Default and Theory of a Deadman.. so I walk over to say hey. We chat, it's Faber Drive's sound check so we invited them back to our Broadcast Booth.

If you didn't hear our chat on the air, there are pics on my facebook page