Friday, July 11, 2008

Stampede HyJinx day 6 Thursday

Rainy wet and cold... blech! It was 7 Degrees at Stampede today with Burrito Size Hail! (Thanks Carlos) Um... it was warmer in JANUARY! Geez.

Today, completely excited about Natasha Bedingfield at the Energy Booth tomorrow @ 5. Should be fantastic! Jully Black will also be chatting with Erin Wilde earlier in the day too, so listen for that after 3p.

Here are some pics from the CRAZY FOAM PARTY @ Tequila. It was jammed and lined up down the block! Sorry the pics aren't so good on my iPhone, it has no flash...

I'm back at Tequila on Sat night at 5p for the night! Pub Crawls will fill the place early! So don't miss your chance to get in!

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