Monday, July 14, 2008

Stampede HyJinx - Day 8 and 9

The final weekend! Gotta be honest... I've showed A LOT of people the picks of me and Natasha Bedingfield. She's my new BFF! Saturday was DJ day... and a little snapshot of my day (after a late Friday with Stampede and the Energy 101.5 Natasha Bedingfield... I managed to get a little sleep Saturday Morning! Got up around 10, had some family time then off for a Voice Over session for the TV show I voice - The RIDEGUIDE. This was a 15 second TV commercial for Kokanee Crankworx in Whistler in a few weeks.

Then, it was off to Tequila for what was a CRAZY Saturday! I started DJing at 4 and ran non-stop until 215a! I even ordered pizza to be delivered to the DJ booth! LOL!

LOOK how crammed it was!!

And the Line-Up to get in started at about 9 PM and was as long as the block. It's tough to tell in the pic (from the iPhone, so it isn't great) but you can kinda see what I mean.

Sunday, I slept. Then we ate over a Rich and Lisa's place for dinner. A "Good English Lunch". Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and gravy over EVERYTHING! Including the veggies... OH, so awesome! I recommend you get your own friends from England! Just don't steal mine...

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