Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stampede HyJinx Day 5 Tuesday

Today is Finger day! Whoo! Finger 11 is an incredible group of people. The first time I met Scott and the gang was back when I was on a local rock station and they were touring with OZZY OSBOURNE. Aside from the fact that OZZY tripped and almost fell about 4 feet away from me in the bowels of the Saddledome that night (OZZY reads his lyrics from a TV monitor while onstage, BTW - who knew? that OZZY could read, I mean) I'm not sure why I wrote that little tangent in brackets... probably bad grammar on my part.

Where was I.. ah, first time meeting F11. Scott and Rich welcomed me into their dressing room and I've enjoyed seeing them every time since. Probably the group that I've interview the most over the years, it's always fun. At the Energy 101.5 booth at the Stampede, the gang stopped in and Rich came in on the radio show while Scott when shopping. Apparently, when you live life on a bus, it's very exciting to shop for stuff in a big hall.

Rich shared a couple of tips about Scott. When they're not on tour, they're just like you. They don't spend much time with their coworkers (band mates), but being family members they try to have family dinners on Sundays. Sounds like normalcy to me. Oh ya, and Rich fessed up that Scott's guilty pleasure song right now is Rhianna - Umbrella. Finger Eleven... even... even... even... LOL!

Here is the pic of the bunch of you that I took from the Coca Cola Stage at the Finger Eleven concert at Stampede! You Look good Calgary. Next time, lets hope some people show up for the concert! LOL!

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