Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heli Day!

Today we had an aerial photo shoot for my company Executive Media Inc for a development project of ours... and we decided to go to Drumheller! You need to understand that Mountain View Helicopters is one of my clients, so we are able to do business together, and they fly Heli-Tours over Horseshoe Canyon at Drumheller. So, Paul (the boss-man) suggested after we finished our intended flight over Carstairs, that we head East to Drumheller. And we went. Kudo's to my business 'pardner Scott for flying all the way to Drum with NO DOOR on his side of the heli.

If you've never gone on a heli ride, DO IT! It's a short drive to Drum for the Heli Tours, but Mountain View Helicopters is doing tours WEST OF CALGARY too, near the intersection of HWY 1 and HWY 22 (by the Petro Canada station). It's excellent!

Summer holiday TIP! - GO take a heli flight.


Here are a few pics from our journey, I'll post more on my facebook when we get them dumped from Scott's camera.


So, there it is. I get asked at the station quite often what "else" do I do... you know, other that slack-off at a radio station? So that is my day... so far! By the way, we also flew over Calgary and took pics, including the Cirque de Soleil Tent that is up in the SW! Those are on the facebook link.

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