Friday, August 1, 2008

Dirty Restaurants Part Deux

I wanted to give you this link again, in light of an article in the Calgary Sun today about a local restaurant the received a record health fine this week. According to that article, the CHONG FAT NOODLE HOUSE in Chinatown, downtown Calgary received a fine for $20,930. Infractions were repeated cleanliness issues, infested with cockroaches, to not keeping perishables at the proper temperature. YOWZA!!

You can search your favorite restaurants, and see how clean they are! Happy eating? Better learn to cook...

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Did you know the Calgary Health Region publishes the results from Food Inspections online? YIKES!

Thanks to Piet! She shared this with me


You have to search your favorite restaurants.. but YOWZA! There are some DIRTY restaurants and grocery stores in our city!!


Anonymous said...

chong fat noodle house isn't dirty and they were actually not charged of having any cockroach infestations when they got fined!! i've been a regular for almost 10 years and have never had a problem. as a matter of fact you can go take a look for yourself and you will see how clean the restaurant really is! i've heard from many people that the calgary health region has been wrongly accusing chinese restaurants in chinatown. someone should do something about this, before all the restaurants in chiantown are forced to shut down.

ZACK! Afternoon Host, Energy 101.5 Calgary said...

Zack here, keep in mind we did say we were quoting the article in the Calgary Sun, and the Health website as the sources. Thanks for your opinions. I have not been there, nor did I claim to have seen the conditions.

Thanks for your comments!