Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Fit? How about eating fit?

Thanks to the assistance of longtime friend ROD COULTER at Spirit Fitness, I'm trying to get fit. I've been going to the gym, etc. But fitness does go so far beyond the workout. It's about state of mind, lifestyle and DIET! For me, the goal is "Abs by Maui". At this point, seems SO not possible.

This is a fun project. Rod comes from a Martial Arts background... clarity of mind stuff. And they do have a gym on MacLeod Trail that is Gorgeous! But, I live in Carstairs... what to do?

Well... we attempt long distance training. I'll see Rod about once every 3 weeks/month.. but aside from that it's up to me to motivate. Rod helps with diet, and changes to my life and routine.

Here's the catch. I come from an athletic background, so working out isn't new or foreign. But, I have to send Rod what and when I eat. EMBARRASSING!!! Hello? You think you eat healthy, but you don't. IN an effort to share what I learn in the process with you, I'll share some of the diet/recipe tips. Cool? Anyone game?

Here's what I am doing/want you to do. Starting tomorrow... on your blackberry or a notepad, track EVERYTHING YOU EAT AND DRINK, and at what TIME. Today is Day 1... here's what I ate.

Banana and coffee @ 9am (with french vanilla "fat free" creamer)
Baked breaded chicken fingers and baked fries @ 12noon.
Coffee with skim milk and 1 sweetener @ 3p
left over of the above at 4p.
Left over beef meatballs and spaghetti sauce at 6p
Protein shake at 630, that I had intended on drinking at 2p on my way to work.

YOWZA! that sucks! AB REPORT - still only have 1 very large round AB.

Maybe Rod will get tomorrow's list as my first report instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Z,

Great work on getting started! Just be aware of how close your last 2 meals are, I know you "missed" your meal by a few hours and wanted to "make it up" but it was too close to your pasta meal and your body will not process all those calories, so in turn they will be waste and possible fat stores.

Also pay attention to your water intake, be sure to be around 2-3 liters a day.

Also start logging how you are feeling pre/post meals and how your digestion is working and how your sleeping is going.