Monday, August 25, 2008

Ken is creepy

So, here's something I challenge you parents to do. Let your kids pick a toy, ANY toy are Toys R Us one day. Much like the old cliche of give your kid an expensive toy, and he will play with the box... taking your child to the toy store will surprise you.

That's what we did; Go and pick a toy. OH, and they do. They walk around from item to item, picking up one then dropping it for another. Then another, and another. Then, the toy that they hang on to through most of the walk around is theirs. And, it's usually not the expensive one.

My Sweet Pea picked "KEN". She recently got her first Barbie Doll... and dropped all other things for KEN. She's Two. Don't get me wrong, I will threaten Ken with "I'm not afraid to go back to jail" one day when "KEN" picks her up for a date. But, picking KEN was good, until we got home!

What happened to KEN? Ken used to be a hunk! Barbie always had such good taste! It seems the Barbie people have been spending much more time working on "Barbie's" DNA more than Ken's, who is starting to look a little creepy. What does Ken drive these days? A white panel van? Seriously... I didn't know Barbie liked wig wearing creeps.

Sweet Pea loves him though. Maybe she'll marry Donald Trump or something...

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Lisa said...

OMG you're funny! Does Ken still have plastic underwear? Been awhile since I bought one! My kids play with all my old Barbies!