Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Listeriosis hits home

We've all heard about the meat recall by Maple Leaf Foods regarding deli meats, etc and the (as of today) 15 people who have been killed by lunch meat. Of all ways to die. What killed grandpa? Bologna.

Some info for you. If you're healthy and not a young baby, or old person you're probably fine. Listeria presents like a flu (headache, fever, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, etc) but is a bacteria infection. It is checked with a blood test, that takes about 3 days for the results to come back. It can take 3 to 70 days to start to show symptoms though.

Well, my Sweet Pea started saying her tummy hurt. She's got a fever an pooping like she ate a burrito from a street vendor in Mazatlan. We call health link. Sidebar: Those nurses on health link are INCREDIBLE! We had to wait 20 minutes to get through; apparently we aren't the only ones concerned. The nurse says to monitor her and go to the doctor tomorrow.

And we did. They gave her the blood test. Boy, 3 days seems like a long time. How come they can do this stuff so fast on CSI?

We had meat in our fridge that WAS from the recall. And WAS from the CLOSED PLANT (#97B). CHECK YOUR MEAT. We were feeding it to our kids, and it makes us sick to our stomach. Turns out that the recall isn't just MAPLE LEAF meat... it's all kinds of meat, even if it doesn't have the MAPLE LEAF FOODS logo - doesn't mean it's save. Ours didn't have the logo, it had a different name on it, but was on the recall list.

Some Links:
The Maple Leaf Website for recalled items
Listeria Info

UPDATE THURS AUG 28 - No results back yet, but Sweet Pea is behavior a little more normal now, and her symptoms have faded almost completely. She also hasn't been complaining about a sore tummy. Fingers crossed. Hope to chaulk this one up to coincidence. Tell your friends to check their meat!

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Lisa said...

Holy smokes! Hope Sweet Pea is better now! Did you ever get the results back?