Friday, September 12, 2008

Leftovers are killing me...

Abs by Maui is not easy! I though for sure all I need to do was stop eating fast food, and watch a few Billy Blanks (??) infomercials and I'd get skinny!

Rod from Spirit Fitness has been helping every facet of changing my body... and I have conceded breakfast to him. My breakfast is now yogurt with hemp hearts, nuts and berries. But, I can't waste money.

I'm a Dad, I work through Dinner 5 days a week. My Bride is at home with the kids and makes the evening grub. So, I can only imagine, how at the end of a long day with the kids that baking chicken breasts and a high maintenance dinner is just not in the cards. Now, we eat well most days... but, sometimes it needs to be larger dinners that have leftovers. IE - roast beef, lasagna, meatloaf, etc...

I can't NOT eat leftovers and spend MORE money. We are a family on a budget. So, how can I still manage to eat leftovers and have a "LIFE" but still get fit.

Well, Rod has shared that if we cannot always make the perfect dinner decisions, that timing is important and sometimes that will ease the pain for a "not as perfect" meal. Today we had PIZZA @ Energy for a staff meeting. I'm not going to walk away from free lunch, to go spend $15 somewhere else. That's crazy talk.

Rule 1 of Abs by Maui - Life Happens, deal with it.
Rule 2 of Abs by Maui - Stress and Life Management are as important as the diet.
Rule 3 of Abs by Maui - Rod's workouts are WAY harder than mine are! OUCH!

Feel free to ask your questions of Rod through our journey, because I know I'm not alone in trying to manage life, a job, a family and more while trying to regain control of my ever expanding mid-section.

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Anonymous said...

Yes life has it's challenges, we look at this like a lifestyle, so be prepared to make simple little changes over time, then, in about 6 weeks you will look back and be shocked at the distance you have come.

Be gentle with your thoughts around the monkeys in the brain, but remember in that same breathe that there is no magic pill, you have to do the work.

The reward is a life filled with vitality, better consistent moods, increased health, better sex drive, and so many more to list, basically it's all good stuff!

Well you might have to go buy some new clothes... bummer hey...