Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stampede Ready!

I met my bride at the Stampede, did you know that? Two Budweisers's and she was mine forever. No Joke! She hates that story though. It's our 5th wedding anniversary this year... maybe I'll get her a 6-pack. Oh the romance!!

The City says 6th Avenue WILL be open in time for the Parade which goes next Friday, by the way on JULY 4th. I can save you some trouble as Stampede Parade Info isn't easy to find on the Stampede Website this year. CLICK HERE to get there.

Energy 101.5 will have some seats for you AND some breakfast on Stampede Parade Day. I'll save those secret details for now, cuz I don't think I'm allowed to share them just yet. Know this though, you can watch the parade with Freeway and Meg in the best seats on the route!

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