Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Secrets about my co workers

OK, so we had the Energy 101.5 Staff Spring Shindig out at my place in Carstairs over the weekend. As I watched my friends and collegues through the evening, I noticed a few little quirks that many of you probably don't know about!

So, let's Share!

Freeway Frank - is SHOCKINGLY good at roasting marshmallows on an open fire. You know how we all try to not catch them on fire? This guy can roast like 6 at a time to gooey brown goodness! Who knew?

Ian MacKinnon - Not a burger guy at all, in fact is "more of a weiner man" if I may quote him directly. The truth is he likes his weiners 2 at a time! Double doggin' it!

Erin Wilde - Endless croaking of frogs drive her CRAZY! And, she's crazy about taking pictures! Quite the hobby-photographer, that girl - and good at it!

Shalini from promotions - strangely compact, as she can fit into my kids playhouse! Not quite sure how.

Khazma from promotions - ENDLESS energy and tolerance for children! Hello? How do you not go crazy!?

Rob the boss - he has a pink camera. Shocking.

That's really it... I need to go eat some of the leftover filet mignon from the party that I have in my work-lunch today :)

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Anonymous said...

Ahahaha......everyone has their quirks. I see that you typed about everyone that was there, but nothing about yourself.