Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Firefighters Vs Cowboys

I was shocked this weekend to learn new things about some of my coworkers. Saturday afternoon we were hanging out at Marlborough Ford in Calgary's NE, and a normal conversation SOMEHOW turned into talking about Firefighters. Let me introduce Maria and Monica, who both work in the Energy 101.5 Sales Department.

Maria from Energy 101.5
Monica from Energy 101.5
Wow... that REALLY got the attention of Maria and Monica! The reason for my surprise is that I ALWAYS thought (for the ladies) that COWBOYS were the shiz. You know, the hottest thing to walk the planet. I was shocked to hear comments like "Firefighters can carry people out of burning buildings, that's HOT!" and "They carry such big hoses!". Pardon?

Yesterday, while planning todays Morning Show, I asked M&M if I could call them so they could share their "Firefighter" opinions on the show. Turns out, not only did they offer to get up early to share, they provided pictures. This morning, I arrived in the studio to Firefighter Calendar Pictures and this caption "STOP! DROP! And show my your Hose!". Wow.. are all ladies CRAZY for firefighters? With Stampede coming up, I SO thought cowboys owned the "ladies fantasy" market.

I could only copy 1 image from the Firefighter Calendar Website, so here it is.
Please visit the website for the Calendar, as the proceeds go to the Calgary Burn Unit. Click here to go there
I've also changed my POLL (sorry, it's not a Firefighter Firehall type POLE) to reflect this little quesion to, please participate.

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lisa said...

I have to disagree with the firemen and the cowboys! For me, it's cops all the way! Yum!