Thursday, October 29, 2009

Round 2 of EASY (not really that good) Costume Ideas

* Got an old black leather jacket? Hair Gel? White shirt? Jeans? 50s guy.
* Put a piece of styrofoam beneath an old t-shirt. Stab a fork through it (careful!!!!). You are 'done'.
* Get an old box. Cut a hole for your head. Attach book, tissue box, and lamp. What are you? A "One Night Stand!"
* Cowboy hat, boots, corduroy? Instant cowboy.
* Bridal gown and sneakers? What are you? Runaway bride.
* Paint one finger gold. What are you? Gold finger.
* Dress normally. Pin some socks, dryer sheets, hand towels to your shirt. Static cling.
* Wear all white. Attach (or paint) yellow circle to your stomach. You are an egg. Add horns and a pitchfork and you are a deviled egg.

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