Wednesday, October 28, 2009


* Carry a quarter and a hammer. What are you? A Quarter-pounder.

* Dress in pink and carry a feather. What are you? Tickled pink.

* Wear all black and put a postage stamp (enlarged if possible) on your chest. What are you? Black mail.

* Wrap yourself in wrapping paper with a tag: "From: God, To: Women". What are you? God's gift to women.

* Attach suger-cubes (or candy) all over yourself. What are you? Sugar-Daddy or Sugar-Momma.

* Get a small weight (e.g. dumbbell) and stare at it intently. What are you? Watching your weight.

* Draw the letter P around the child's eyes. What are you? "Black-Eyed-Peas". Be careful to use safe ink!!!!

* Quarter (or preferably enlarged photocopy of one) taped to your back. What are you? A quarter-back.

* Put a pot on your head. What are you? A pot head.

* Make a large colorful name tag. Say things like "I'd like to buy a vowel" or "Oceans of the world for 500". Game show contestant.

It's hard to TOP the year I dressed as MEG TUCKER for Halloween

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