Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FLU Shot Articles and Links

An email from Charlotte
Hey Zack, as promised here are some of my vaccine links. Just got the top one today. I was never anti-vaccine because I really didn't know much about them and thought they"must" be safe. Went to a course on vaccines when I was pregnant, made me start looking into things and changed my mind forever. Glad you took the no vaccine part of the bet. Meg will likely not get one of the 3 common flu viruses but she'll likely have more colds, skin issues and if she has asthma she may need her inhaler more (that was a big thing for me before I stopped getting the shot).

Anyway hope the info helps :) Didn't want to overload you but, I've got lots more of info if you want, just let me know. This next one actually has the listed ingredients of every Canadian vaccine via their web-site.

Thanks to Rod Coulter at for this one

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Laura Downey-Rader said...


I know this morning's show talked a lot about the flu vaccination. I want to remind people that there are two flus to keep in mind this year. The regular flu and H1N1. Of course, whether or not anyone get's either of these vaccinations is a personal choice; however, vaccinations not only reduce the risk of getting these viruses, but also reduce their spread... so well you may not be worried about getting sick- keep in mind those around you may get very very sick this fall. Should you choose to get the vaccination or not STAY HOME if you are AT ALL SICK.

You may not die or spend weeks on end on in the hospital from this unique flu (H1N1) BUT some one will and they will have gotten it from some one who didn't stay home.

As a teacher, mommy-to-be, and wife of a doctor- I beg of you care for yourself and others this fall!! STAY HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!