Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soldiers Of Fitness - WOW! Week 2!!

I can't believe we are already working on day 1, week 2. As I sit to enjoy a nice lunch, I think about how do I feel about today's performance.

Yeah, I'm in a little bit of pain, but its considerably less pain compared to day 1, week 1. I actually think that my body is starting to adapt to this life style again. How do I feel you still ask your self? Let's put it this way, I was pretty impressed with my overall performance during today's workout session. I manage to run non-stop 2 out of 3 warm up laps and complete 75% of the exercises successfully (the way they where meant to be done). Compared this to last week... I think the difference is overwhelming. I feel better, like I have more energy and like my efforts are actually starting to show, more on my resistance and on my state of mind and on the way I actually feel before we go to SoF, I get excited the night before just to think I have to go workout. I doubt I would've even feel anything close to that last week.

It still takes me a lot to look past the mental block that wants me to stop, that wants me to quit in the middle of, but that's where the magic of SoF comes in, we all come together as a unit to help, encourage, and push each other out. My team, its really there to push me when ever my mental block wants me to stop.
Thanks again... Talk to you guys next week...

And if you are wondering what am I having for lunch... Salad, Chicken and cottage cheese. I'm ready for the SoF Blitz Hour Challenge.

Are you ready for the SoF challenge?

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