Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soldiers Of Fitness - Blitz Hour Challenge

Oh, my!
I would've never guessed that after not doing SOF for 6 months I was going to be soooo out of shape. Going in on Day 1, Today, I was excited but nevious at the same time. I really wanted to get it going, but 15 minutes in to the workout I just wanted it to end, I don't know why. I've done it before and I've known since before we even started that this wasn't going to be an easy task. I do want to get fit for my wedding and I do think that Soldiers Of Fitness is the way for me to do so. I've tried working out at gym's and I never really felt the encouragement to go back and keep on working out.

I love SoF because if I'm doing something I want to make sure I do it the right way or I might as well just stay at home and watch some TV.

I think that having someone to guide you, telling you if you need to lower your back, to keep doing push-ups with your knees down if you can't do them on your toes, to never quit, helps out to get to our main goal the right way. without injuring our selfs, and it also teaches us, to never quit on selfs. We set our own limits and the only way we can get better at doing something to to raise our own bar each an every time we are trying to do anything, running, doing ranger kicks, push-ups.

Yes, today was a bit hard, but, I know that right now, I'm on the right track to feeling great and looking even better on my wedding day, and also, nobody said loosing weight and getting back into shape was going to be easy, but the guys from SoF are going to make sure we, all of our Blitz Hour Class, make the right choices, and that we help each other, to get to the same goal and that we tell our selfs all the time to never quit on our self or our Class.

I'm really proud of the guys at the Radio Station, I'm sure just two of us knew what we where getting our selfs into, the other 3?, not really sure if they knew how much effort it actually took... I'm also thank full and impressed with our listeners that decided to come and join us in this crusade, I'm sure all your efforts from today are going to pay sooner than you think. It might seem a little hard but, trust me, it gets easier... at the end of this week, you'll notice that your stamina, your endurance, and your willingness to keep on going and pushing the envelope will increase and you'll even be surprise...

Let's keep on going, let's keep on pushing and let's make sure we achieve everything that we want to out of this... HUA!
(Heard Understood Acknowledge)

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