Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blitz Hour Challenge - Week 3


Is it ok that on Week 3 I was still a bit out of breath an hour after we where done working out?!

Oh man... as I'm typing I can feel my calf muscles cramp a little bit... Private Pearson says if it hurts it means that we are doing a good workout... then I think I was doing Pretty Darn Excelent Today!!!

Jokes aside I can honeslty say that my improvement level has gone up reasonably. I do have to say thank you to my class mates for helping me out when I needed it, as much as I try to make de classes a little bit more fun, ie "Private: Don't give up, think of your happy place", "Carlos: McDonald's!", "Class: GIGGLE/LAUGH!"; the time just deels like it slows down while you are doing SOF. That Hour feels like 2 Hours, and when you are told you only have 30 seconds left on a single exercise, those 30 seconds are the longest 30 seconds of your life!.

Even though we had a couple of cassualties today, Zack couldn't make it because he is sick and Khazma (Promotions/Marketing Manager) had a Last Minute Management Meeting, our team was still holding strong and poshing to their limits to make sure that we all completed the drills and that no one was left behind.

The team strenght that we've develop in the last 5 clases is amazing, we hardly know each other in a personal level and yet we are still willing to go the distance for one another no matter the weather condition or if we had a crappy day at the office. You can always count that the SOF Team will be there to help you in anyway that they can.

It's hard to belive that we are almost this months workout... I just hope I look good once I get into my tux for my wedding...

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