Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soldiers of Fitness, Week 1 Day 2

So.. our day began with Leyland forgetting shoes, and deciding 15 minutes before our workout that he would go buy new ones. Ley is part of the Energy 101.5 Blitz Hours team for our Soldiers of Fitness (SOF) workouts. The catch is, that if someone is late, everyone else gets punished and has to do pushups/etc to make up for the error. Way to go Leyland! So, we took our BEFORE photos to show our progress at SOF... and seeing Leyland made us late today... he goes first. We'll add others as we go, so we can compare our progress by Carlos' wedding.

Try not to laugh TOO hard at our BEFORE pics.. cuz we're trying really hard to be honest here... and show our results! 4 weeks isn't too much, but we hope to do at least 6-8 before we give up and change our diets too. We even all went for salad for lunch! BTW, Leyland, you owe me $10 for buying your lunch... you obviously FORGOT that TOO!

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