Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blitz Hour - I can see the Finish Line!

Oh Wow!
It's really hard to explain the way I feel right now, I'm having mixed emotions, I feel Glad that I know I can finish a month of intense workout on Soldiers Of Fitness, (My own definition of Intense Workout: From not doing anything at all, to actually working out) I know for a fact that I can run 2K's non-stop at my own pace (lets face it, I'm not trying to brake speed records here, just trying to be healthy) but it's still Sad at the same time that I'm almost done, but the great news is that both Zack and I will be going back for another month... It's like someone made us addicted to working out...

I did, however, paid the price of not going to SoF on Thursday, I felt it was sooo hard to go back to that routine where you are doing something, It's like you become addicted to work out, addicted to be healthy.

I manage to hold again and ran all 3 warm-up laps, and by the time that was done, I had drank half of my water for the hour, and by the time we were done the second exercise My water was gone, so pretty much after only 20 minutes of working out I drank a full water bottle, so, close to the end of the hour I was pretty much DONE!

It will be hard to say good bye to some of our classmates that can't come back, but I'm excited to welcome the new SoF Cadets to this journey. I thought I wanted to do this because of my up coming wedding, but it wasn't till during SoF that I realized that I wanted to join and workout because I just wanted to make sure I was going to live long enough to see my own kids grow up and hopefully live long enough to go to their wedding.

I think that who ever decides to work out, they know by now that they do it because of them, not because you want to look good on a special day, at least, that's what I think and that's my reason.


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