Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A friendly reminder...

Don't you love friendly reminders? I got one of those this week from my boss. Don't forget to keep your blog up to date! OK, things have been crazy!

So, I thought I would blog about my boss. He's crazy! But, he's fun crazy... and he's not really a nag at all. Although, he is a bit of a media ho, everytime you see Energy 101.5 on the TV, watch for the guy in the funny glasses (they're really cool) walking back and forth through the camera shot talking on his cell phone. That's him. And no, he's not ACTUALLY talking to anybody. In fact, I figured I needed to take some time to thank some of the people that AREN'T on the radio each day, but really do make this place tick.

With 2 Strangers and a Wedding going on, we really don't have to worry about it. Our teamates do. In fact, they tell us "Personalities" that "you don't need to worry, concentrate on your show and I'll get this". Great people.

In NO particular order...

Rob Kealy is our imaging producer, and has been here 7 days a week for weeks now, and LOOOOONG hours too. He puts together ALL those clips you hear on the radio of the Brides, etc. And the lie detectors.. and everyhing. And I mean EVERYTHING! He's the guy to ask what the Brides look like. He interviews them. And yes, I've offered him cash for info. No go. Although he does firmly believe that that hardboiled eggs are too much work for how much food you get to eat. He has a point there...
Rick Volpatti is our steady-eddy.. or steady-ricky. He makes my Boogie show and commercial recording so easy, it's absolutely no stress. Not to mention, he's the most forgiving guy in the building.
SUZE in traffic makes sure everything gets on the air each day... and puts up with us on the air. And I can't speak for others, but I screw up ALL the time... and she's the "OOPS POLICE". SUZEE is the best.
Khazma in promotions has been here from 6am until Midnight since we launched the station, it seems. But her dedication is something to look up to.
Shalini in promotions is all over the city for Energy. She's always running around EVERYWHERE making "stuff happen" for Energy!
Matt the Engineer will hit me no matter what I write here about him...
Doug the writer is ALWAYS there when you need him, both personally or professionally. thanks Doug
Rob the boss, as mentioned above has a crush on Sarah Palin (American Politics, the Alaskan Governor). Rob has already packed his parka and is ready to move to Alaska
James Something... I forget his last name. He's the GM. But he puts up with me, so I guess he's cool.

Our sales staff (Gavin, Conan, Leyland, Pietra, Monica, Claudia) are sales people with personalities. How many companies can say they have "FUN" sales people? Except Gavin, he's weird sometimes... but he looks like Superman.

We do have a new on-air lineup by the way.

Freeway and Meg in the Morning (with Ian MacKinnon and Heath Brown) - The BEST morning show in Calgary! I still think Freeway and Meg are Ex's from another life :)
Erin Wilde 10a-3p - Calgary's most popular mid day show, and that's because Erin is genuine with her listeners. She cares and it shows.
ZACK! (ME!) from 2-6p Weekdays
Tripp West Evenings from 6p-11p. Calgary's newest and FINALLY a fun radio show on in the evenings!
JOJO on the Radio - Weekends. JOJO has been on the radio in Calgary before, and is a total PRO, bringing fun and a Woman's perspective to Energy weekends.
Carlos the Goodwill Embassador. Hey.. he's Carlos, everyone loves that guy.

Don't forget, this Saturday @ the Whiskey! Saturday Night Live to Air starts at 9, and you can get VIP access on the ENERGY FM Facebook group.

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Rob Kealy said...

eggs are just so much more convenient to scramble, what can i say.