Monday, October 27, 2008

2 Strangers Questions

So many have asked the question "Do you know what the bride really looks like?" The honest answer is NO... and the staff here at Energy have worked REALLY hard keeping her away from us "on air folk". Have I met her? Maybe? I really don't know what she looks like. IN fact, I may have been riding the elevator with her all week for all I know.

Saturday night, MONDAY BRIDE slipped into the Whiskey this past Saturday Night... found her friends and then asked 1 friend to bring a note to Tripp West and me in the DJ booth.

We strained to see MONDAY BRIDE... and follow her friend back to the gaggle of gurls that accompanied MONDAY at the Whiskey. Alas, we lost her. So, nothing to report on what MONDAY LOOKS like. YET!

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