Monday, October 13, 2008

Whiskey Saturday Night Live to Air

Every Saturday Night we broadcast the music from the Whiskey... we being Tripp and I along with Energy 101.5. It's a blast, tons of people... but mostly just a great place to DANCE!

Join us on the radio after 9p on Saturday Night, or even better just come down and join the fun.

This week, I think I've talked MONDAY BRIDE into coming down to the Whiskey. You see, last weekend, MONDAY was at home listening to Energy 101.5, and said she really wanted to go out dancing. So, THIS SATURDAY, the MONDAY bride is planning on heading out on the town for a little dancing. Here's the catch... I don't know what she looks like. She could come a request a song from me, and I wouldn't even have known it was MONDAY. So, come down to the Whiskey on Saturday Night. I guess you could always ask EVERY girl if she's the MONDAY Bride... not that she would admit it.

You never know, you could be the one last dance of MONDAY's single life before she gets married!


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