Thursday, September 10, 2009

What are your taxi concerns? Forum it!

I was trying to find the City info on tonights Taxi forum, but I think I googled the presenters speech that you might here tonight... weird. Anyway, from the city of Calgary website: (link to survey at bottom)

Taxi Forum
Good evening everyone and welcome to the Community Forum.

Tonight we will discuss the latest draft of the proposed Livery Transportation Bylaw (or the Taxi bylaw). I would first like to introduce you to our panel for this evening's forum: Ald. Andre Chabot, Ald. Dianne Colley Urquhart, Ald. Barry Erskine, Ald. Helen Laroque, and Ald. Ric Mc Iver. I'm Ald. Ray Jones and this evening's facilitator.

I will give a brief overview of tonight's meeting and present how we will proceed. The intent of this evening's forum is to hear your concerns about the proposed final draft of the Livery Transport bylaw. Specifically, we are here only to listen to your concerns. This is NOT a formal meeting of council and NO decisions will be made here tonight.

We would appreciate it, if you would focus on the new bylaw in the areas of governance, licenses and regulations. If you wish to address other items such as fares, differential fares, limos and sedans please send us a note or take one of our business cards which are available from us. In reality we just won't have the time tonight to deal with everything.

We are here tonight to listen to your concerns and have no intention to be confrontational. We are trying to be proactive and positive and sincerely wish to hear the industry's wants in the new bylaw and not just what they don't like. We also do not want to hear about complaints or personality conflicts, if you remain focused, we will to.

A brief overview of the evening is as follows:

2 minute opening remarks by each Alderman
Taxi Industry overview by Mr Tim Bardsley
Questions by Panel
Comments by Brokers/drivers and society reps
Stakeholder concerns
Each speaker will be given 5 minutes and to be fair to everybody please be reasonable and try to stay in this time frame as we only have 2 hours and would like to hear from as many people as possible.

Also please do not get upset when I announce the cut-off time at 9:00 p.m.

I will now proceed with opening comments from my colleagues.

Sounds like a speech to me. if you can't go, there is a web survey.

HERE'S the taxi link! CLICK ME!

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