Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some words to really consider...

My friend Kjarlune Rae hosts a Clairvoyant show here on Energy... that's how we met, but not how we're friends.

Today she posted a rather raw account on facebook. And I wanted to share it with you, as sometimes a good gut check is a nice reset for us.

KJ is a friend to some, confidant to most and counsellor to others. But she's real, and has her own life to live. I'm grateful that she shares parts of it with me, and really proud that she's confident enough to allow me to share it with you.

Thanks for reading this.

For some time now I have been sharing little tid bits of insight into the law of attraction on my status's. It is time for me to change this up a bit. For the rest of the week at least I am going to share times of my life that I had to gain the courage to make the changes required to have a great life. I have delved your lives for many years and now it is your turn....hugs KJ

I hold onto many memories that I have through the trials because they give me the chance to always remember where I have come from...

I remember the day I realized I was in my life way over my head. My husband at the time had come home from work a few days before and informed me that there was no money to pay the bills. He was mad and high at the time and made it clear with such sweet words I was good for nothing and didn't even motivate him to try harder. I begged for 200 to pay the gas bill so our new born baby could have heat, being Late October the sun wasn't going to be enough. We had just gotten a disconnection notice from Direct Energy..I was babysitting a friends 3 children from my house during the day to make sure my baby has diapers and formula, but 200 extra was going to be impossible. Needless to say I was thankful for small blessings and I had a electric heater that would sit in baby's room to keep her warm, with me sleeping on the floor by her crib for fear of a fire... Boiling water on the stove to bathe her was doable, anything is doable when you don't have a choice.

I didn't let on to my friend that I had to boil water to clean, for the kids etc out of fear she would pull her kids out. If that happened there would be no way to feed my baby. ... See More

Pay day oh how sweet those days were... I remember asking my friend to keep an eye on the kids for 5 minutes while I ran to the store accross the street for formula, stating specifically I would do the rest of my dishes the second I got back. I ran like a mad woman in hopes that nothing would go amiss while I was gone. Huffing and puffin running back into the house with formula in hand, my at the time worst fear had come true.

There she was, boiling water on the stove to clean my dishes. She walked up to me wrapped her arms around me and said..."When are you going to think you are worth enough to get out of this?" no judgement just question.....

As you can imagine I broke. The first day of the rest of my life was that day. I left my husband that afternoon... Straight for the Calgary Emergency Womens shelter I went. Some of you may look at this with sadness. This day has been one of my best days of my life. This day I made the decision, went past my fear, stepped out of my comfort zone and ... See Morebecome ME! It was scary, it was overwelming and it was at times almost too much. But I did it, and you can too. Not matter what you face, no matter what you look at in your life, you can do it.. You can make life happen. You can face fears and step up. I know you can because I have, and you and I are no different. Light and love tomorrow another true story of the beginning of what has become Kjarlune Rae!

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a4heather said...

Thank you Zack... and THANK YOU Kjarlune Rae. I love your courage.