Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Torchbearer experience

The pic is me in the foreground. It was right when I lit the torch from James Grieg on Main Street in Airdrie.

Carrying the torch was amazing. The Torch host Pierre-Luc jokes before the relay that carrying the Torch comes in a close second behind having kids for "best moments in life". The obvious question is, "Well, what about getting married?" Response: "You can't have your babies again, you won't carry the torch again and you can get married any day". I'm not sure if I personally agree with that, but they certainly are correct with qualifying for the best moments of your life.

A rock star for 2 moments... that's what it is. It's 2 moments because when you arrive at your starting place in the relay, everyone wants a picture with you; You're a rock star! And then you light your torch, and the world fades away. Rule #1, don't forget to smile. Rule #2, still don't forget to smile. That is the advice you're given. Rule #3 should be try to not cry TOO much. The world faded away... and became quiet. It all got so quiet. In fact, I didn't even hear myself breathing. For a couple of minutes, it seemed the world went away.

Before you run you're told "If you don't complete your task that you were hand selected for today, the torch relay will end 300 meters before the Cauldron in Vancouver, and the games cannot begin. So enjoy it." And I did... and will cherish it forever. Then, you see the end coming and the next Torch Bearer nervous as heck, waiting. It's still quiet... but you light her torch (in my case, Nora from Air Canada) and off she goes. It's still so quiet. Then, you snap out of it with an RCMP officer right in your face with "Congratulations! You did Canada proud" and he turns the key to shut off your torch. People in the crowd run out and hug you and take pictures. It's loud now, where did these people come from? Rule #1, don't forget to smile. Rule #2, still don't forget to smile. It's the picture for your mantel! You have 15 seconds to get on the bus. And it's done. Thank you Coca Cola, thank you James and Nora, thank you Pierre-Luc and thank you to my bride for being at the finish line for that picture for the mantel.

The last question Torch Bearer's get asked is, what did you do with your torch? I gave it to my Dad.

"ZACK!" Hewitt
Torch Bearer 151
Main Street Airdire AB
JAN 19 2010
5:42 PM

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