Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay - Zack's Segment

OK, when Coca Cola called me, I was ecstatic. Kristy asked me if I would accept the honor of being a torch bearer... I almost didn't know what to say! YES!

So, I've found out now that there was a panel of people from many different organizations that selected all the entrants from iCoke.ca and other contests. Reading essays, and suggesting who the Torch Relay participants should be. Over a million entries... 4500 winners. How did the radio guy get on board? It seems I was nominated (along with a couple other local media folks) for being a representative of our city, etc. THANK YOU! I don't know who did it... but thank you.

Here is the information I have for today's Torch Leg in Airdrie

Community: Airdrie
You will be carrying the Olympic Flame for a distance of approximately 300 metres. Your segment details are:

Starting along: Main Street Airdrie
From: Towerland II sign
To: Ridgegate Way
On: Main Street
Approximate time of your segment: 5:42 PM MST
Your torchbearer number is: OTR082-151

From what I can tell from checking out the route, it's sorta in front of Towerlane Mall down by Shoppers Drug Mart (if you know Airdrie) I hope you can come cheer me on! I'd love to see a small Energy Army of people invading downtown Airdrie!!

Thank you Coca Cola for the opportunity! I'll make you proud.

Team Coca Cola came into the studio with the torch Tuesday AM (morning of my run) to visit Chris and Meg

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