Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SIZE 12 Model Pic!

This is IT! Glamour Magazine is running this photo, and although women around the planet are celebrating the "non-skinny" model nude in a magazine... REALLY? LIZZY here in the photo is hardly "Plus Size" based on our opinions here @ ENERGY 101.5! She's a size 12! Regardless... it's a step in the right direction and great to see! Lizzy you look great!

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Anonymous said...

She does look great.
But last year I took my then 15 year old daughter to faces west in vancouver(model search) she is 6 feet and size 9 skinny for her height they told her that before they would even consider her that she need to lose at least 20 pounds. I think no matter how hard we try it just does not seem to get any better the girls that make it are ridiculously skinny and it will only change when the designers start making there cloths to fit real people.