Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hottest Summer Bods!

For the ladies, from E-Online
The only bad thing about summer? It has to end.

But we've still got time to celebrate the stuff that makes the middle part of the calendar year so appealing: Hot bodies, attractive couples, blockbuster movies and maybe even the occasional whiff of scandal.

So before we have to put on warm clothes again, let's start celebrating these days of wearing hardly anything at all. First up is that most essential of categories: Dudes with Hot Bodies.

Pick your favorite in our poll and then be sure to voice your approval or outrage


1 comment:

amourissima said...

That guy from twilight is easy on the eyes but I feel a wee bit old drooling over him. I mean- for real? He isn't even 18 yet... I just can't.

That's the year Alladin (the movie) came out!