Friday, August 28, 2009

Company Health Director

1) Turn on hot and cold water for a warm mix, ideal for scrubbing dirt and grime
2) Wet hands and wrists with water
3) Use sufficient amount of soap
4) Lather soap & scrub hands well, palm to palm
5) Scrub between and around fingers
6) Scrub between and around fingers
7) Scrub the back of each hand with the palm of the other hand
8) Scrub fingertips of each hand in the opposite palm
9) Scrub each thumb clasped in the opposite hand
10) Scrub each wrist clasped in opposite hand
11) Rinse well under running water
12) Wipe and dry hands well with paper towel
13) Turn off water using paper towel

Ian makes 2 MAJOR mistakes in the hand washing video! Can you figure out what EPIC FAIL ian makes on the video?


Anonymous said...

he forgot to scrub his nails?

i heart this guy said...

i love ian