Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've fallen in love with a serial killer...

but that doesn't bother nearly as much as the fact that my wife has too.

Dexter is quite possibly the best show I've ever watched. Better writing than Desperate Housewives, 24, Lost, and all others. And I've become emotionally attached to a serial killer. In fact, I've cheered him on!

The story is this: Dexter is a serial killer, who kills serial killers. Insert irony, he works for the Police as a blood analysis technician. Oh ya, and his sister is a COP too, and works with him.

This fall, Dexter starts Season 3. Sundays on CTV Calgary you can see Dexter in Season 1. But it's edited... VERY edited. THere is the odd f-bomb on the real Showtime show. Get it on DVD, and get caught up. But if you do, I suggest you block off your weekend. Each Season is 12 1 hour Episodes, and you'll definately want to watch more than 1 back to back. We've obsessed (excuse the PUN) about the show, staying up WAY LATE to watch "just one more episode".

Now, I've talked my buddy James into taking Dexter on a blind date. I'll let you know if they hook up!

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely, Dexter is the most amazing show ever made!