Monday, April 14, 2008

How Much Can You Doggie-Do?

Here's a dilemma... my old Dog. When we had babies, we had dogs. Big ones. With a new baby, and 2 Great Danes, we had to find 1 of them a new home. And so the Saga begins.

Ok, so we found a home. It was my dog's hairdresser! Perfect! Now, 3 years have gone by and it has come to light that perhaps my old pooch isn't living in the best of "cleanliness" conditions. Oh, the irony.

We don't know what to do. The hairdresser signed an agreement with me about the quality of life of the pooch... etc, but what do I do? Is a dog living in a home that there is poop all over the house bad? I mean, he's obviously eating, judging from the poo! Is that enough, or does it go deeper; Is he not getting medicine? Can you report someone for not walking their dog? Animal welfare rules in Alberta aren't the best... is this a welfare issue, or a taste issue?

Here's me in a pickle. Blog out your suggestions please. Maybe you know somebody who knows how to deal with something like this...


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Is the dog's hairdresser's job just a job to her, or does she even really truly care and love the dog? On shows like Animal Precinct, it is illegal and inhumane to the animals for them to be living in a house of filth(feces and urine). Especially if it seems like the animals are being malnourished in anyway.

Here's a site that I found by searching up alberta animal welfare act:

Let's just hope that your loved one is not in distress or anything that is listed in the act and that it's being cared for humainly.

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