Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here's why you should never drink and drive

Imagine this... you've made a terrible error, you've been drinking and chose to drive. Home is only a few blocks away. It's dark and rainy. You're sitting in your car, and you've crashed into someone. You seem to be OK; you're scared. The other car is crushed in front of you, and it's eerily quiet. Nobody is moving. You move, first out of your car and over the sober driver's car. Windows are smashed. You look inside. There is a woman inside, she is your wife. And now she is dead.

Now that I have your attention, here is the actual news story.

MONTREAL - The head-on crash that killed Renee Bourbeau was much like many other drunk-driving accidents on Canadian roads except for one horrible coincidence.
The alleged drunk driver who smashed into Bourbeau's minivan was her husband, Patrick Laflamme. Laflamme plowed his truck into the van the 41-year-old mother of two was driving Saturday evening in Drummondville, Quebec.
Laflamme, 36, was charged in his hospital bed yesterday with drunk driving causing death.
He is recovering from leg fractures and head lacerations.
Bourbeau died in hospital a few hours after the collision.
Quebec provincial police say Laflamme had left a local bar and was just minutes from home when the spectacular crash occurred. Bourbeau had been with Laflamme at the bar earlier in the evening and had left without him. Later, police allege, Laflamme was driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic and slammed into his wife's vehicle in the 90-kilometre-an-hour zone.
Police say darkness had settled in just after 8 p-m and a heavy rainfall made visibility poor and the roadway slick.
(Source - Canadian Press)

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Melissa said...

I don't drink, so I guess I can't have an opinion or reason or excuse as good enough a person who would. But I do worry for my own safety on the road driving at night, especially during the xmas holidays and new years eve...because of some many people drinking.

I always tell my BF, whom he usually the driver because his friends don't drive, that if he drinks enough that he feels that he can't drive home, I always tell him to call me at anytime of the night. I would rather drive him home than him waiting hours and hours for a taxi and having a stranger drive him home(and maybe abusing him in some way because he's inebriated).

But I do have a friend from high school whom has started his own business of carpooling and driving people, who have drank too much, back home. His group is on facebook. He also has a website. His company is run on Thursdays - Saturdays from 10pm - the major partying/drinking hours on the week-ends.

Here's his website:

If you want to share this info, feel free to do so. Then that way, more people will get home safe....sober or drunk.

Longtime listener of Energy 101.5 since the beginning,
~Melissa Godfrey~