Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bar and Nightlife Show 2009

OK, so you've said it. I'm so sick of the same old place to party at! Well.. we've all said that. This is what is cool about the 2009 Bar and Nightlife show. This weekend at the Olympic oval, you can hear some bands, some DJ's etc and also sample drinks from your favorite vendors and restaurants!

You've been looking to find something different, so now is your chance to learn about a TON of places you've never been to or heard of! Or, even, a place you THOUGHT sucked, but may be super-awesome as it's changed. I mean, if you haven't been there in awhile.. perhaps it's time to check things out.

Really, it's it SO much fun to go to the SAME cookie cutter franchise restaurants for dinner and order the SAME thing over and over again? Try something new, and find out what Calgary's Nightlife has to offer this weekend!

DETAILS AT and listen to my show to win more tickets! Mon-Fri Energy 1015 3p6p

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