Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hollywood 360

Since Meg is on Holidays, here's my contribution to Meg Tucker's Hollywood 360!

Brook Burke the big winner last night on Dancing with the Stars… she even made the Judges cry a little. She beat a football player on a dancing show… are we really that surprised. Rather amazing what these people do though…

Amy Winehouse is back in the hospital again with another “prescription” conflict… doesn’t Amy Winehouse know it’s not technically a prescription if you do the transaction in BEHIND the pharmacy?

Mariah Carey bought her Great Aunt a house, after she fell behind on her mortgage payments. Who knew Mariah benevolent? Bet she can’t spell it though..

Britney Spears turns 27 next Tuesday, and she wants out. Free Britney! Now that she’s medicated, she’s feeling a little strangled by her dad’s control of her career. David Archuletta, pay close attention

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