Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas

Ok, you're considering Christmas Ideas... and giving a blender is a bad idea. In fact, as I learned last year, giving a GYM membership is a BAD idea too. But, there is a good way to go about it.

Personal training... it's better than the gym membership, because that has a huge hole in it. Motivation. Your spouse has talked about going to the gym, we all wish we were a little less squishy.

Here's what has worked for my bride and me. A Trainer. So happens I have a friend named Rod that does that. So does his wife Brenda. But find someone you trust. Spirit Fitness is my suggestion. I'll explain.

It's about $75 for an hour with a trainer. Typically, that gets you the complete hour plus into the gym. Now, it seems steep, and most people cannot afford to do that 3 days a week... but I go to Rod once a week. My Bride, being a mom, goes about twice a month. SO, it's really not that bad. In fact, I will cut back in the new year to about twice a month. But it's about nutrition, and motivation. Direction. that's the key.

Otherwise, you go to the gym... you start to plateau/get bored/lose motivation. that's what happens. then you gain back your weight and waste the gym membership. Going to a trainer is the best thing we ever did. And it just gets you started on the days that you need help. But, if you're rich and can afford a trainer 5 days a week, well.. enjoy it. We all wish that would be the case for us!

I came to Rod for our ABS BY MAUI idea. The main thought was to see if in 100 days I could go from 210lbs down to about 190 and lose my belly fat. I'm rather slim, but it hasn't been easy. I was a 36" pant waist when i started.. with 5 weeks to go I'm a 33, and getting close to 32" and about 195 most days.

You spend $70 on a massage that makes you feel good for a few days... why not spend $75 on a trainer that will move you through many days of feeling good?

Rod and I talked about some recipes and posting them up here... now I'm going to see if I can make that happen.

Lunges today.. still legs :)

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