Monday, February 9, 2009

He's Just NOT that into you

This is a great movie! This is a movie that is everything it needs to be. Fun, sad, scary... and it makes fun of how weird girls are.

OK, so I only watch a movie at a Theatre once every 3 years or so it seems. And, I dropped into the LUX this weekend in Banff to watch He's Just Not that Into You. The cast is famous-people heavy, and I it's great. If you want to take your 'fella to the show, but can't talk him into it -- bring him over to read this blog.

Guys - you're good, go to this. You'll relate to it more than you realize.

It's a little long tho... more than 2 hours. Wear your comfy pants.

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Anonymous said...

ahaha wear ur comfy pants...Zach man ur awsome :D