Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentines in the Mountains

So.. it's Valentines coming up soon. And Feb 6th I have my monthly "First Friday" party that I DJ out at Aurora in Banff. I'm a bit of a sucker for that town, as I've been DJing there since 1999 now (getting old, I know...). So this Valentines, why not consider heading to Banff? My Bride and I will be staying out in Banff for Feb 7th for our "Valentines", as we have the Cupid's Ball the next weekend with Energy 1015... so we HAVE to have our night!

My personal fave places in Banff to go are Fabutan... for some strange reason, having a tan while in Banff just feels better! Also, a new place has just opened called EDDIES BURGER + BAR, which has the best Chicken and Beef Burgers. Go There. So probably there for lunch.... for shopping, check out the Silvercity Mercantile, or Rocks and Gems Canada! Maybe the Maple Leaf for dinner, or the Keg in the Banff Caribou! Early drinks downstairs at HooDoo Lounge. Then late night fun at AURORA Nightclub. Then back to the Hotel. My faves are THE FOX, BANFF CARIBOU and HIDDEN Ridge. Check out for this company that has the best stack of hotels in Banff... and something for every budget!

Just felt like sharing some of my fave places to hit... the Red Earth Spa at the Banff Caribou is also SUPER awesome.

Happy Valentine with your squeeze! Come spend yours out in Banff!

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