Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I went to Spa Europa this week... what a great place!

I think my favorite part about being there wasn't even getting the massage I got, but learning that they have MEN MONDAY and SENIOR TUESDAY, which is nice to know that if you want to spoil your favorite dood, or grand-dood you can and get some specials too!

Now, I don't want this to sound like a commercial for Spa Europa, because it's no. So allow me to tell you a story... or something. I'm a clinic guy... I go see my massage therapist Cathie once a month as I have some aches from Hockey injuries. I know, how cliche! But it's true, I'm getting old.

But my opinions have changed. Spa Europa is a place you DESERVE to go to. They do mani's and pedi's, etc... but the massage is excellent! Even if you're like me and need a more clinical "fix up" Spa Europa is the kinda of place for your soul. The massage felt awesome, but you leave a little happier. Yes, I smell Pretty! LOL! It's nice to go to a place where you relax in a robe, do a little reading and get your treatment. You don't leave smelling like a clinic. And SPA massages are different if you've never been. It's about relaxing, and fixing. It's about getting spoiled a little and feeling good. And Spa Europa definitely does that! And their staff are so friendly. Not pretentious, not "I'm here to serve you" annoying... just friendly. It's so comfortable.

I recommend you go, and spoil someone you love by sending them too. It's only responsible for you to go to Spa Europa yourself and test their services before you send your favorite people. Call it, "looking out for them" ;)

Spa Europa website is HERE

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